History of Sauce
Sauce is composed of acid and salt, originating from China. Sauce was an indispensable seasoning about 3000 BC. At the beginning, it was made from meat, so it is also called as meat sauce. With the development of agriculture, soybean and cereals were used as its material. The development of soybean sauce is particularly quick. At present, health and convenience are two important factors for the sauce.
How can we identify a good or bad sauce?
A002.1. 無不良之油耗味。
    Without bad oily smell.
2. 無發霉、酸敗、膨罐之現象。  
    No mildew, decay or bulged can.
3. 標示要清楚。                               
    Clear identification or marking.
How to preserve sauce?
1. 開罐前應避免陽光直射。
    Direct sun shall be avoided before opening.
2. 開罐後將罐口擦拭乾淨,密封後冷藏,並且儘快使用完。
    Bottle mouth shall be duly cleaned after opening. Store
    in the refrigerator of sealing, and use it up as soon as possible.
I am a vegetarian. Can you provide any sauce for vegetarian?
A004.憶霖企業目前有針對素食人士設計全素(無蛋、韭菜、大蒜、牛奶等)之調味醬,一般都會標示「素食可用」字樣,目前主要有憶霖番茄醬、甜辣醬、 素食高湯、香菇素蠔油…等產品。為了保障素食人士之權益,本公司設計加工程序可有效區隔葷食產品的汙染,藉由製程設計及換線生產,將可使您的素食吃的更心安。除了自有品牌的素食產品,同時也是國內最大的素食業者夥伴,為素食同業代工設計,包裝相當多樣的素食產品,並願意提供諮詢服務,告知憶霖及代工素食產品資訊。TEL:02-22784458
Sauce designed by Yilin Enterprise for vegetarian (free from egg, leek, garlic and milk) will show "Also for Vegetarian". At present, ketchup, sweet & piquant sauce, vegetable broth, mushroom vegetable oyster oil are available for the vegetarian. For the vegetarian, our products for vegetarian have been clearly separated in our production lines, so the vegetarian can use our products without any worry. Not only has the Company the brand of our own relating to vegetarian products, but also is the good partner of vegetarian firms. We can pack and design and accept any consultation for the vegetarian firms. Tel: 02-22784458.
I am the owner of food stall. I would like to know your minimum quantity for deliver service?
Basically, delivery service is based upon "Carton" or "Bag" as unit. Freight will be charged separately. If you need this service, please contact our sales office: Tel: 02-22784458 / 04-23810656 / 07-6160408.
How long can you deliver the goods?
In general, if you order today, the goods will arrive on the following day. However, in case of special item or big order, we need arrange production again. Basically, the delivery time is one week. If you any need, please contact our sales office: Tel: 02-22784458 / 04-23810656 / 07-6160408.
Q007.我是OEM、ODM 的客戶,請問貴公司是否有針對客戶開發之新產品印製紙材服務?
I am an OEM/ODM client. Can you offer printing service for new product of the client?
Yes, but basic quantity is required. Basic quantity is subject to the kind of product. If you any need, please contact our sales department: Tel: 02-22784458.
What' is your terms of payment?
According to the regulations of the Company, "Cash on Delivery" is for new customer, but for customer for maintaining relationship for more than three months, the customer may pay on monthly basis by check at 30 days sight.
What's difference between "Black Pepper Sauce" and "Black Pepper Beef Steak Sauce"?
Due to high condensation, when Black Pepper Sauce is used for frying shredded meat, sliced meat and vegetable, meat or vegetable can release moisture. It is suitable for cooking. Black Pepper Beef Steak Sauce has lower condensation, so it is a sauce designed for direct use or contact with food.
Q010.請問~貴公司有賣義大利麵用的肉醬以及義大利麵用的白醬嗎? 要桶裝的~因為每次準備的數量很多~希望醬煮過淋上去即可的那種~
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