TITLE[Report Produced ] the leader in the Chinese seasoning kingdomDATE2012/03/05

In research and development, actively betting high on R & D funding, both in product flavor, sanitation and efficiency of automated production equipment, as well as ODM market development and planning, It has a strong industry pioneering strength. Yilin possess the special spice flavor stability technology, low-fat based salad dressing; traditional seasonings without adding artificial preservatives preservation techniques, automatic tube sterilization and aseptic cold filling and packaging technology and other highly competitive and important techniques. In order to satisfy customer needs, the company has recipe management and construction of computer systems, storage-product formula database; control on food market intelligence, in line with customer requirements on quality and cost, to achieve the goal. 
In the production and quality control, the organization has a complete team, a sound plant with a variety of high-speed advanced mobile and strong machinery and equipment. Accurate implementation of the production management system, strict hygiene and safety checks, and up to date with the relevant food laws and regulations to continue improving; to provide a wide range of products in response to customer demand and satisfaction. In the past two decades, the quantity of small packets of spices which the Yilin Group has produced can encircle around the Earth three hundred sixty-five times.

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